The Time For Change is “Now”

Since the breakout of the pandemic 3 years ago, businesses all around the world have taken a hit in employment statistics. The global recession and resignation phenomena have been a much bigger problem than it seems to be.

Tekalley is one of the very few IT sector companies that has enabled change in the dynamics of employment and how we provide for all stakeholders. From the old and gray practices of typical hiring and layoffs, we have shifted the mindset of human capital management towards a digitally transformed environment with recession negating recruitment and retention practices.

Where the continuing cycles of pandemic variants coming through, the economy all around the world, especially the US has taken a big toll on the job market. Since we are an IT and tech company based in the same US market, we have allowed ourselves to think out of the box and retain a conducive culture of smart and effective ways of hiring and cost-effectively maintaining the HR pool.

Let us look at how we stand out from the rest:

Sound Tech Culture

Our technological advancements and the way we do business with customers are not just anything like the old practice of developing and retaining business. Our key stakeholders are internal as well as external. We have achieved profound success at Tekalley when it comes to a benefit-oriented culture for our employees. Our employees follow one simple rule: “Remember why we are doing something”

  1. This does not mean that the company culture is all about work and no play. We know how to induce fun when we work. Just like we follow the new technological changes in our work and make sure our customers are well satisfied with our technology uplifts, our employees also experience the same.
  2. We have managed to set up a fun, low-stress, full-of-employee engagement practices-based culture. There is never a dull moment in company life.
  3. We follow a mindset of “home away from home”. The way our employees dedicate half of their day every day to work, it is only fitting we value what they value most; a healthy, stress-free environment where they feel and do what they find best in light of the company’s best practices.
  4. Ranging from a flexible working hour shift to a work-from-home capacity, every team member enjoys the perks of working flexibly according to their own routine.

Accountability with a Developer Mindset

Our core cultural values provide a sense of ownership and belongingness for every teammate. They feel accountable for what they achieve and bring to the table. Every single employee has a sense of duty towards a common goal that Tekalley follows every year: “Grow”.

  1. No single employee is only a developer. They have a developer’s mindset that brings them to stand out of the crowd. While they enjoy the many perks and benefits of Employee Satisfaction Programs, they follow the practice of getting the job done effectively and do not stop until it is done.
  2. Our core company values have enabled everyone to be an understanding and evolving employee. There is not a single moment that remains hindered by work issues. Our common practice of reaching out and providing help steers us clear of many project blockages and jams. Agile and upscale solution-providing mindsets have been very easy to develop with a digitally transformed and flexible working capacity value chain.


Have you ever heard of the saying: “never put all your eggs in one basket”? This is exactly what we did not do starting from day one.

  1. We have brought an agile culture of adopting the many changes in technology culture prevailing in the IT sector. Our state-of-the-art training programs keep all the teams up to date and trained with competitive market skills in the technology industry thus, enabling everyone to learn and grow with us.
  2. We have a diversified portfolio of projects with multiple technology development backgrounds. We have projects from multiple industries and different customer bases. This avoids taking a large recession hit or being affected by the forecasted double-dip recession circumstances.
  3. We have also covered multiple skillset portfolios of our employees by hiring diverse skills-based candidates. It does not stop here! Our training programs are tailored to the need of teams and project guidelines. This is one of Tekalley’s biggest strengths to motivate and retain top talent as well.

Cost-Effective Work Practices

Tekalley has always believed in “we can do it!”. It may sound ideally dreamy, but we take pride in cost-effectiveness rather than cost-cutting. There is no true success without individual success stories.

  1. Our tailored benefit programs suffice all employee satisfaction criteria. Ranging from education funds to family outing allowances, we have set a foot in stone for employee satisfaction with carefully considered loyalty and benefit programs. They do not cost much but require wise thinking.
  2.  Work-life balance is important to us. You want it, we provide it! The online communication channels have effectively provided full attendance to one and all without having to geographically be static in one place. The turnover has been greatly affected and we are proud to target skillset rather than onsite working restrictions.

We still have a long way to go, but our top management is highly likely to keep bringing calculated changes to work effectiveness and practices. We will always deem our stakeholders important. You can also read success stories on our website blog page and relate to how well we can fight and face recession downfall affecting a regular IT sector business.

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