5 Interesting Mobile App Development Technologies

It is the new year. We have come far into the technology era. The Pandemic has changed the dynamics of businesses. Every 3 months, new technology in every field mounts up and everyone tries to adapt to it to remain the topmost player in their industry. The use of e-commerce, mobile phones, social media, and online platforms has increased over the last decade and sped up after the pandemic in 2019. Everyone wants to be in touch with innovative technologies and stay up to the point of evolving with them. 2021 reported around 7 billion online and mobile phone users according to statistics observations from ‘Statista’.

Mobile Applications Transforming Business Dynamics

So, these days, it is the era of mobile phones. Smartphones are the key to unlocking the milkyway of digital media and e-commerce. This has changed all the operating and business models around the globe. E-marketplaces are a thing now. Physical marketplaces are extinct. No inventory vendors are the most successful digitally present product and service providers. All this has been possible due to Mobile Applications and the features they possess for every single customer.

Developers and IT Industry Impact

So, all the developers in any company are trying to evolve with the changing technology paradigm in every field and come up with mobile-friendly tech solutions that are mobile-friendly for the advanced mobile phones everyone now possesses. See it from this angle! Have you observed foldable phones recently being marketed by top mobile companies? Developers nowadays want to integrate the best trendy technologies such as gadgets. People pay for technology, and if it comes with style, who are we to say not? Everyone wants to reach their optimum target audience. The new year’s resolutions for businesses are to surround the consumer with the best tech integrations and everyone wants to have a go at it. Artificial Intelligence(AI) has now been making progress with iOS and Android users. To check which technologies will uphold the morale of every industry, let us look at the top 5trendiest technologies developers will prioritize to work with:

  1. Mobile Wallets: Some examples of mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, etc. are in fashion. People want to make them a trend and feel elite about it. 2023 will be the year when mobile wallet users are assumed to double. Wallet integration on mobile devices will now be a top priority for the developers. Since everyone wants to pay online and has no contact payments in the Pandemic era, mobile wallet availability and the ease to pay via applications consumers use to buy stuff is all that the top 2023 innovation and technology trends will be about.
  2. Business-Specific Apps: Every business now wants to have its own customized apps to reach out to its potential clients and customers. Whether it is location-based or, it is segment-wise communication, businesses want to beacon out to their customers in every way. For example, a specific FMCG business would want their customers to know about the new product launches and facilities within their location easily. Beacon technology is supposedly one of the trendiest concepts coming up in the year 2023
  3. Use of AI as a Design Tool: The use of AI as the design tool to make interactions and user-friendliness better over apps is what the developers would want to look into. Designing and making mockups for applications will be easier with AI seeing the app interfaces will be more interactive, having easy-moving designs and fast navigation systems. Since AI is already progressing with dynamic changes in UI/UX, it will be an easy concept to uphold and work on within 2023.
  4. Touchless Technology: You all have seen, experienced, and avoided the physical touch base due to the pandemic risks and effects on health. Creating the same experience in technology will be seen as a top trend among developers to integrate this into applications. Facial recognition sign-ins and biometric logins have already been a thing in the last 5 years. Many businesses would want to move their application interfaces to sensor recognition logins and access to features online. VR apps will bring in new trends and 2023 will be the year when touchless apps will become a normalized concept.
  5. Wearable Innovation: Well, you all have been familiar with gadgets becoming smaller and more wearable. Smartwatches are an example. It is not much of a breakthrough technology, but it will advance in 2023 seeing how strong our 5G network will become. Both integrated can bring in the best of the AR/VR Experience for end users from the mobile apps and gaming zones. The hopes that we have attached to 2023 are limitless yet not unreachable. We are with you in this fight for change and bringing in the best technology experience there is.

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